Fairhaven Wealth
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Fairhaven Wealth

We provide financial advice that's on your side.

Fairhaven Wealth is an independent financial advice business. We are based in Christchurch but service clients throughout New Zealand.

We believe in providing high quality, tailored, affordable advice and ensuring our interests are aligned with our clients. We provide:

Financial planning services

Investment advice

Insurance advice

KiwiSaver advice

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What makes us different

We are independent from financial product issuers and brokerage service providers. We do not have any incentive to sell financial products or a particular strategy to you.

We go a step beyond other independent, "fee-based" financial advisers, because we do not charge fees calculated as a percentage of your assets.

For most of our clients we charge fixed fees. Most one-off advice we provide costs less than $1,000 (including GST). Click here for more information about fees.

We are are also unique because our business is about providing advice only. We provide advice that clients can implement themselves.

Every time we provide advice, we follow the "friends and family" rule. The advice we give to you is the same advice we would give to our friends and family members. 

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